Flea Markets

We are pleased to bring back the long-awaited return of the flea market to the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, but instead of just one, we’re hosting two! Buyers are allowed entry with their SFGE membership, but there is a small fee for sellers.

Arcade/Pinball/Console Flea Market

Saturday morning (10AM-12PM), we will open a portion of our exhibit hall to local collectors and vendors to sell/swap arcade, pinball, and console games and parts. Marquees, circuit boards, game cartridges, video game systems, artwork, and even full-size project arcade and pinball machines will be allowed on the floor for folks to purchase.

If you would like to sell your parts, tables are $10. Electricity will NOT be available to power on/test parts. Full-sized arcade and pinball machines are allowed, but it is intended for project games since fully working games should be on the show floor.

Register as a flea market below!

Board Game Flea Market

Are your shelves overflowing with games? Don’t worry, let us help you! Saturday afternoon (2PM-4PM), bring your stacks of new or previously played tabletop games to find them a new home! Table space is FREE if you want to be a seller (but requires an SFGE membership), and there should be plenty of people interested in buying!

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Flea Market - Seller

SFGE2019 brings you TWO flea markets. Use this form to register as a seller for both.
  • If you have unique items you are bringing to the event please list here so we can promote.
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