Pinball Tournaments

The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo is pleased to host pinball tournaments throughout the weekend of the event. There will be plenty of opportunities for both the serious competitive pinball player and the casual fan to have fun, compete, and (hopefully) win prizes!

Southern-Fried Pinball Tournament Returns for 2019!

Since our inception, we’ve been a cornerstone event in the competitive pinball arena. Over the years at SFGE, top-ranked tournament players and casual fans alike have competed in our world class tournaments. In 2019, the Southern-Fried Pinball tournament returns to offer players a chance to win cash, prizes, IFPA points, and pinball glory throughout the weekend! All events will be IFPA-sanctioned events, unless specified. Players must have an SFGE membership to participate.

Tournament 1:

$20 ticket to enter; Single entry.

Qualifying will be pingolf style – four holes each round for the first two rounds.  Third round players play their last hole then get three replays on any hole(s).   Qualifiers will play in groups up to four for qualifying.  Finals start Saturday evening immediately following classics finals.  Top 24 players will play matchplay finals in three game rounds on banks of three games pre-selected to blend all eras of pinball.  Two players drop each round.  Top eight qualifiers get a bye the first round.

Qualifying and finals times TBD

Tournament 2:

$5 ticket per 4 games; Unlimited entry.

This will be on a smaller set of classics games.  Top four scores will be used to determine top 24 players.  Seven hours of qualifying each day Friday and Saturday, herb style (as many tickets as you can play in qualifying time).  Classics finals will start at about 5 on Saturday.  Top eight get a bye, remainder play 3 game match play finals dropping bottom two each round.  Both finals utilize PAPA 4-2-1-0 scoring.  Ticket to play 4 games – $5. Unlimited entries but tickets must be played by 4:30 Saturday – unplayed tickets will not be refunded.

Qualifying and finals times TBD:

Women’s Event: TBD

We will continue our tradition of having a women’s only pinball tournament, but are still working out the details. Stay tuned!

“Fun and Casual” Event: TBD

Not looking for the intensity of high-stakes competitive pinball? Then this tournament might be up your alley. We’re still working out the details, but this could be a pingolf event, a doubles event, or a silly challenge we haven’t even thought of yet. This one will be just for fun (but with prizes!) and is not IFPA-sanctioned. Stay tuned!