Video Game Tournaments

The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo is all about fun, but a little competition never hurt anyone. Listed below, please find more information regarding individual video game tournaments during the weekend. Events may require advanced signup, but all events are included with your regular membership price unless noted.

Space Invaders Frenzy (Sponsored by Stars and Strikes)

(Time TBD)

We love our sponsors, and they love you! Last year Stars and Strikes brought you the World’s Largest Pac-Man, before that, the GIANT Pac-Man Battle Royale! This year, our friends at Stars and Strikes are bringing the gigantic classic flashback, Space Invaders Frenzy. We’ll be hosting a tournament on the game and if you win, you could take home your very own arcade game- a 4-player Blitz 2000 Gold/NBA Showtime! The start time is TBD, but be sure to check our upcoming schedule to see when you can blast your way through aliens!

Depending on interest and participant pool, contest could be structured in the following ways:

Zoar Arcade High Score Challenge

(Time TBD)

Last year we debuted Nintendo’s long-lost Sky Skipper arcade game. This year, we’ve got something else up our sleeves…ZOAR! Ever heard of the arcade game Zoar? We didn’t think so. This little gem from Data East didn’t find much traction in the arcades in 1982 and was lost to obscurity. It’s so obscure, in fact, that there’s only ONE recorded high score on the record books for this game. What does that mean? Well, it means that when we bring our brand-new, never-played Zoar arcade cabinet to SFGE, someone will have the chance to be the second best Zoar player IN THE WORLD!!! Will you take home the crown?

Console Tournament Game List:

RBI Baseball (Friday 5:00PM in Habersham Ballroom)

Super Smash Bros (Friday 7:00PM in Kennesaw Ballroom)

Super Street Fighter II TurboSuper Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Friday 8:00PM in Habersham Ballroom)

 Tecmo Super Bowl NESTecmo Super Bowl* (Saturday 11:00AM in Habersham Ballroom)

Windjammers (Saturday 2:00PM in Kennesaw Ballroom)

File:Royal Rumble classic icon.pngWWF Royal Rumble (Saturday 4:00PM in Habersham Ballroom)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z (Saturday 6:00PM in Kennesaw Ballroom)

Super Smash Bros.* (Saturday 7:00PM in Habersham Ballroom)

Duck Hunt – Kids Only! (Sunday 11:00AM in Habersham Ballroom)

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Sunday 12:00PM in Habersham Ballroom)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Sunday 1:00PM in Kennesaw Ballroom)