Music and Wrestling

We always have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo stand out from other shows. This year we’re pleased to welcome EVEN MORE music and wrestling! That’s right, in addition to our already great lineup of 250+ arcade, pinball, and console games along with 14,000 square feet of tabletop space, we’re going to be flying high and rockin’ out at #SFGE2017. Wrestling and music are included with your day or weekend memberships, but if for some reason, you’d only like to see wrestling and music, tickets to both of those events are only $15 per day and can be purchased at the door.

2 Nights of Tag-Team Wrestling

This year we’re hosting the Bobby and Stan Most Excellent Tag Tournament 2 from Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment!

We’ll have over 25 wrestlers over the course of Friday and Saturday nights fighting for the championship! Wrestling is included with a weekend or single-day membership, but if you’d like to ONLY see the wrestling and music portion of our event, you can purchase a wrestling & music ticket each day at the door for $15 each. Wrestling starts @ 6:30 PM

Friday Night Matches

Dark City Fight Club vs Carnies vs Indy Card Mafia

The Kraken vs Besties in the World vs Ugly Ducklings

Submission Squad vs Gymnasty Boys vs Roscoe Eat Lisa

The Lacey Twins vs S4 vs Armour and Slade vs Heisenbergs

And special challenge Jimmy Rave vs Chris Mayne


Saturday Night Matches

The Pinbrawl Battle Royal

Semifinals and Finals

Su Yung vs Priscilla Kelly

Live Music

We’re continuing our tradition of great live entertainment each night of the expo, and 2017 is packed with talent. Here’s the lineup:

Friday Night



Saturday Afternoon


Saturday Night